Welcome to my training page. Im doing this mainly to keep a record of what iv done through the year and hopefully years to come. So i know where im up to and what works and what doesnt! Also going to post any relevant info i come across. Im a novice and Im far from an expert but i hope one day to become qualified and be an expert in the mean time hope it helps people.

I welcome all Questions, this isnt about being right or wrong so i also welcome any debate or disagreements!


Tuesday Max Strength (12.7.11)

I was up at 7 this morning and went swimming first thing. Good 45 mins to an hour later and i was ready for breakie. Really enjoyed the swim would like to get into it more but at 3.50 a pop its not really a cheap do if you want to go a few times a week. Anyways it wasnt really my training for the day just something a bit extra that my dad actually fancied doing.

Worked on the house again all day today but by 4ish we’d done as much as we could do and as tired as i was i just wanted to get my strength session in which was!

  • 1 dumbbell clean and press 18kg 4 reps per arm 4 sets
  • 1 dumbbell snatch 18kg 4 reps per arm 4 sets
  • 1 legged squats (still need assisted ones) 5 reps 4 sets
  • Barbell Dead lift 38kg 5 reps 4 sets
  • Weighted Chin ups 5 reps (15kg rucksack on back)
  • Weighted Push ups 15 reps (15kg rucksack on back) 

Felt good now my strength has increased technique is coming together quite well. Think next week im going to try and increase the weight. Just difficult with shitty plastic dumbbell weights! But think i can make the jump to possible 23kg set up on one dumbbell as thats the only way i can increase it.

That was it for the planned strength training. Went for a 3 mile run with dad this evening before tea. I didnt have time to fit in with a core work out that i would have liked. But with so much going on somethings got to give and i hate to say it but right now training isnt and cant be as important to me as getting this house sorted and a job. Both of which are stressing me out! But one day at a time and i will get the conditioning session done tomorrow at some point! 

Monday Bootcamp

Righto guys very quick update. I went to the normal monday bootcamp. Was really good tonight , think i need those couple days off from training. It was strange too the last 2 times iv been really carefully planned my food and water intake before and really thought about it trying to maximize my potential to do well and iv not felt so good. Being so busy sorting the house and doing jobs didnt even think of it. Had a handful of plain rice about 5 and felt really good. Still want to keep improving though. Its just trying to balance everything. 

My dad came tonight aswell which was nice. First bit of exercise hed done in a long time and he did really well. Kicked some of the young lad arses in there to be honest……. not mine though ;-) like i said to him “Dont get cocky kid!”   


Unfortunately not from training !! But its been a nice weekend although quite difficult in some respects. Although its been a hard one for me for certain reasons. My dad is back which is great and really enjoying seeing him. And we’ve been seeing alot of family and had a family wedding. I love these occasions but its always better when people ask you what your doing with yourself these days , if your life isnt such a mess! The training has suffered and my normal healthy diet has gone. But i think for now it is going to be a case after all of just doing what i can when i can. I have and really need to get other things sorted work wise. Got a million things to do but as much as i dont want to do it and dont really care very much at the min they wont do themselves so as dad would say H.T.F.U (harden the fuck up) and get on with it!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Thursday Explosive Strength FAILURE!!

Today i failed! not had this feeling for a while and think it was down to many reasons. First off let me just say i did start the session late in the day, dehydrated , tired and my shoulder pulled. But i did and finished what i physically could without wrecking my shoulder. This was sensible i know but i still failed. 

I also went to help train a football team and ended up doing the conditioning with them which was good. But was a light workout for me. They did really well and i was really happy with how hard they worked so that was a bonus. Its pre-season fitness work for them and if they keep up like they did last night they will be very fit by the time the first match comes around

So im not going to post up a routine as i feel i didnt do what i was meant to so i might as well say it was a failed day training side. I know yesterday i was really tired. I want to make no excuses with training but last night i felt facts were facts and iv got alot going on physically, mentally and emotionally and i cant do it all. My dad is here on holiday which is fantastic. So last night i decided i would knock the structured training i had planned on the head and just train as and when i can to keep ticking over.

….. This morning iv gone back on that and decided to stick to it as best as possible! I think i just need a break, im going to do a conditioning session later today and then im away this weekend at a wedding where im going to try and just forget everything and get back too it on monday with bootcamp. 

So watch this space! I will post up the conditioning routine later or you may see FRIDAY FAILURE as a title 

Bye for now 

Wednesday Interval/conditioning (6.7.11)

Today was a great session, really enjoyed it and can definitely feel the difference from my strength training. Really seems to transfer well as sprints seem to be alot more explosive and faster. Especially considering the grass was wet today and was probably faster than iv been in the dry on previous sessions ! Any way this is what happened! 

  • Sprints 200m X 6 30 seconds rest inbetween
  • Sprints 50 m X 6 no rest jog back restart
  • Pull Ups  8 reps x 4
  • Box jumps 1 min on 30 seconds rest 4 times 
  • Chin Ups 10 x 4 
  • Squat Box Jumps 1 minute on 30 seconds rest 
  • Decline Push Ups 20 X 4
  • Inverted Rows 8 X 4

Good session today really felt good and explosive. On the squat box jumps really tried to focus on really squatting down and exploding up onto the raised blocks. Less reps in a minute but far far harder and more effective!

No i had a core work out planned today  but unfortunately just ran out of time. Its annoying as its the first time iv not completed what i wanted too. But i had another good boxing session with my mate so still got 2 sessions worth of work! Core workout will be done tomorrow instead of the high rep work i think.

Got to keep it up but got alot going on at the moment and not enough time! But cant make excuses just need to keep it up! 

Tuesday Max Strength (6.7.11)

Right will make these couple posts short, lack of internet time will just be posting what iv done.

Max Strength (based on ross enmaits routines)

  • 1 Dumbbell Push Press 18kg dumbbell 4 reps per arm 4 sets
  • Heavy Bag Lift to Shoulder (33kg H.bag) 10 (5 per arm) 4 sets

Mini Circuit

  • Dumbbell Step Ups (2 dumbbell 13 kg each) 6 reps per leg
  • Romanian Dead Lift barbell ( 26kg) reps 8

60- 90 seconds rest

  • Chin Ups Weighted (15kg rucksack) 5 reps
  • Push Ups Weighted (15kg rucksack)  10 reps 

60-90 seconds rest — Go back to Dumbell step ups repeat all exercises 4 times 

Finisher Farmers Walk 13kg dumbbell each hand 3 sets each as long as possible (set 1) 2mins 25 1min rest (set 2) 1min 5 seconds 1 min rest (set 3) 55 seconds 

That was it for the strength bit, felt like a good session. Ideally the ross training program wanted RDL but with dumbbells. weighted PULL ups and weighted dips. Due to lack of equipment and also a chronic shoulder injury i tried alternatives as close to the original program as possible! 

Finished with Some High Rep Ab/core Work - numbers represent reps 

  • 3kg Medball Sit ups 50,40,30,20,10
  • Leg Raises 50,40,30,20,10
  • Trunk Curls 50,50,50
  • Twists 50,50,50
  • Back Extensions 25,25,25 
  • Plank For time 1.47

And that was tuesday done and dusted oh wait…..

45 mins boxing training with a mate! might be getting back to the boxing gym soon so trying to get sharp again and help him anyway i cant before his first session

Nutritional Information From Joe Defranco!

Came across this, this morning, First bit is just on the energy bars he sells. But half way down the page he gives you 5 super foods athletes should have in their diets. Ive heard this before from other sources. Definitely want to try including these myself! I mean there’s basically a meal there ! Sweet potatoes with salmon and broccoli, some blueberries for dessert and some dark chocolate for supper before bed! (yes that’s right I said CHOCOLATE!!! )

Mondays Bootcamp Circuit (4.7.11)

Well its the start of the training week again and tonight it was bootcamp circuit training. Felt a bit flat tonight, but ill put that down to too much beer and junk food over the weekend! But it was still a great session. It was definitely and improvement on last week and it was stinking hot in that gym! But its a great feeling sometimes to just not think and push yourself to the limit.. although i never believe in doing anything till complete failure its good training mentally lol! 

Im going to get an early night and hopefully get lots of sleep tonight as i really need it. My internet at this house tomorrow gets cut off so will try and update whenever i can. I think i might start moving bit by bit this week so will probably have access to the internet of an evening. 

To those people starting back this week properly once again hope your training goes good and other things too . You know who you are lol :-) 

Night Folks 

Sunday Sunday

Well its been a lazzzy sunday…… NOT!!!

Staying up last night for the fight and staying up on the computer till 3 am a lazy sunday is what i had planned but unfortunately couldnt sleep and had too much work to get done on the house! 

Food and drink wise its not been a great weekend. I dont believe in specified “cheat” days where you specifically eat crap but hey i have a life too and if it happens every so often then its no problemo. Although i really have eaten crap and drank too much alcohol. And It looks like i might have to go for a chippy tea. 

Iv done no specific training this weekend , except lugging furniture and boxes around! So im hoping tomorrow after a good nights sleep ill be refreshed and ready to hit the training hard again! 

Iv got lots to keep my busy but im determined to keep up the training… i have too! I need it in my life at the moment more than ever lol

Well i do think im going to go for a long walk at least tonight burn some calories at least and get the muscles moving again! Then come back have me unhealthy tea, in my very empty house. I feel quite surreal about it now, everything gone ! not even got a tele and soon this internet connection will be going this week so dont know how often i will be able to update. 

But yeh i feel quite strange tonight ….. but thats why i train. use whatever gets you motivated!